Monthly Archives: October 2014

Improvements! Part 2

Feedback from our users is an invaluable source of ideas.  And based on feedback received in the past few weeks, we’ve made another round of improvements in the hope of making our site even more usable.  Here’s a short list of the more significant changes:

  1. Editing multiple items:  Users have always had the ability to edit the details of a single inventory item.  But if a user wanted to edit the same data field across multiple items, it required going into each item individually and making the change.  Now it’s possible to edit across multiple items at the same time.

    For example, if a user has listed a dozen books as Lend items but decides he no longer wants to keep them, he could change all of them to Give items in one step.  Or, if another user has posted several Give items for points, but decides she just wants to get rid of them quickly, she change all of them to Free items by reducing their point values to zero–all in one step.

    Most item details are changeable with this function.  It’s even possible to increase or decrease point values by a percentage amount and to change the shipping and availability settings for multiple items.

    How to do it?  In your item inventory page, choose the spreadsheet view for your items (the third of the three view type icons at the upper right of your inventory listing).  Use the sidebar filters to reduce your inventory list to the items you want to edit.  Select which items you want to edit with the checkboxes at the left of each line (or choose everything on the page with the checkbox at the top of the column).  Then click the “Modify multiple items” button.  You will then be taken to a page with the item fields that you can change with this multiple editing feature.

  2. Reorganized group pages:  The group information and management pages have also been streamlined.

    The Memberships page (the second tab on the Relationships page) shows a list of a user’s groups as well as a link to the “Create a new group” page.  Clicking on the name of any group in the memberships list takes the user to that group’s detail page, which includes a secondary tab menu that leads to pages with more detailed information about the items, members and messages related to the group.

  3. Email preferences:  It’s now possible to choose from three settings (immediately, daily and weekly) to control how frequently notifications are sent about activity in a user’s account. The page can be found by clicking the “setting” link on the user profile page. In the future we plan to give more control to the user in this area by making it possible to sent a different notification frequency for different activity types.
We’ve also made several other smaller improvements, including more descriptive button titles, clearer filter menu titles and progress on a mobile version of the site.  And there’s much more to come.

Let us know what you think.  We’re always interested in hearing from users, especially when it helps us make the site more usable!