Give Stuff. Get Stuff. Feel Good.

Give Stuff. Get Stuff. Feel Good.

Swampum: General Instruction

Accounts: registering for and managing your account

In order to get the most out of our site, you'll have to register for an account. More details can be found here.

Points: understanding the point system

Points let you exchange items of value with other users without using cash.

  • Earn points from other users by giving away or lending your items.
  • Earn bonus points by adding items to your inventory and by inviting your friends to join Swampum™.
  • Spend your points by receiving or borrowing items from other users.
Get more details about the point system here.

Transactions: how to complete exchanges

Learn how to move through the steps of different transaction types here.

Feedback: building trust in the community

Feedback helps you decide with whom you want to exchange items. More details here.

Items: managing your inventory and searching for items

Before you can transact with other users, you'll want to add items to your inventory. You'll also need to understand how to modify and delete existing items and how to search for items other users have posted. All the details can be found here.

People: groups and friends

Use relationships--including group memberships and individual friendships with other users--to control who sees your posted items and when. Learn how to join groups, tag friends and control your availability schedule here.

Message center: communicating with other users

Everything depends on communication. Learn how to send messages to other users, group moderators and site administrators here.

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