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Swampum: Points Help Page


The Swampumâ„¢ point system makes it possible for you to exchange items without cash. Find out how it works in the instructions and FAQs below.


  • How are total, available and locked points different?
    A: Available points are those points which you can use immediately for a transaction. Locked points are those which have been set aside for a pending transaction (e.g., you have requested an item or you have given an item and are waiting for the receiver to confirm receipt). Total points are the sum of your available and locked points.
  • How do I review my points?
    A: You can review your point totals and history by clicking on the available points value just under your user name in the sidebar menu. This takes you to your points summary page, at the top of which is a graphic and numeric depiction of your points. The horizontal bar shows how your available points (dark green) plus your locked points (light green) add up to your total points. Below the graphic is a detailed report that shows all point activity in your account. Each line represents some item or transaction event that resulted in points being added, deducted or transferred between available and locked status.
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