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Swampum: Feedback Help Page


Communities require trust to function well, and our feedback system is designed to help you determine other users' trustworthiness. Find out how it works in the instructions and FAQs below.


  • Are feedback points worth anything?
    A: While feedback ratings have value in helping users find trustworthy transaction partners, they do not have point value in the same way as Swampum points.
  • How does feedback work?
    A: At the end of each transaction, you will have the opportunity to leave feedback for your transaction partner. The feedback form lets you set a rating for your partner, from 0 (awful) to 10 (fantastic). You can also leave a comment about the transaction.
  • Why do I need to leave feedback?
    A: Leaving feedback is the final step in a transaction and helps to create a higher level of trust in the community. Here's how: 1) Before choosing a partner for a transaction, users can review feedback ratings for potential partners. 2) Both partners in a transaction can leave feedback for their partners at the end of each transaction. 3) This rating system, and its potential effect on a user's ability to participate in future transactions, gives each user an incentive to be a good user.
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