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Swapping Books on Swampum

Reading is fantastic. But let's face it, if you read a lot, you eventually have to deal with two issues: the high cost of new books, and what to do with the books after you've finished reading them.

With Swampum, you can solve both problems!

How to get books on Swampum

Hundreds of books (with more and more being added everyday) are available on Swampum from users who would like to pass them along for someone else to enjoy.

    Follow these steps to start finding great books completely cash-free on Swampum:

  • Register for an account--you'll get 1000 points to spend immediately (more about points)
  • Look through the list of books other users are willing to give away
  • When you find a book you want, request it from the user. (If you want the book shipped to you, you may have to give the other user more points to compensate for the shipping charges.)
  • Once you've finished the book and want to pass it along, list it on Swampum again!

How to get rid of books on Swampum

Clearing out all those books you no longer want is a great way to earn more points--points that you can use to find more books, or anything else available on Swampum!

  • Register for an account
  • List your books--you'll get 10 bonus points for each book (up to 150 books) you offer to give to other users (that's up to 15000 bonus points, on top of the 10000 registration bonus)
  • When another user requests one of your books, and you've agreed on shipping method/cost, send your book to the other user

Join us, it's free!


Join us, it's free!