Monthly Archives: November 2014

The Wrong Stuff

Mary Schmich gets it.

In her recent Chicago Tribune column, We’re Entering the Season of Stuff, she points out one of the downsides of living in a society overly focused on consumerism.

We have too much stuff. And as we head into the “get more stuff” season, we have to figure out how to make room.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with stuff in and of itself. It’s just stuff. But we often forget that 1) we are more than the sum of our stuff and 2) stuff can’t make us happy.

Usually, though, on the way to learning these two important realities, we accumulate too much stuff trying to prove them wrong.

And then we purge. Donations to thrift stores are great–those organizations do a lot of good with the money they receive from selling all our unwanted stuff. But, for the most part, we only donate the stuff that we don’t want anymore and isn’t valuable enough to give to someone close to us.

Here at Swampum™ we are building a site–more of a community, really–that we hope will help people have a healthier attitude toward all of their stuff.

From giving away unwanted clothing to borrowing books and DVDs to lending garden or home improvement tools, we’ll all have less stuff to wade through if we accumulate less and share more.

We hope you’ll join us! And remember … it’s just stuff.

Going Mobile

We’ve been working to make our site more mobile friendly, and our latest update moves us much closer to that goal.  To save myself a few thousand words, here are some screenshots demonstrating the features on several different pages.

First, on the home page, you’ll notice that the site adjusts to your mobile device (smart phone or tablet) with the login fields conveniently at the top.

141108 mobile 5

Next, if you scroll down to the bottom of the home page (before logging in), you’ll notice a more graphical introduction to the site (a first step in making the help pages more user friendly).

141108 mobile 4

After logging in, you’ll notice that navigation has been compressed into two rows in the mobile header.  The first row includes icons for the sidebar menu, items, transactions and messages.  The second row includes a plus-sign icon (for adding items and groups) and a search bar/magnifying glass (which allows searching for items, groups and users).  The remainder of the feed page shows the most recent activity in your account–all formatted to be more readable on a mobile device.

141108 mobile 1

The items page shows the items most recently added to the site, including a filter button that makes it possible to narrow the search results.

141108 mobile 2


Finally, the menu button opens the sidebar menu, which includes many of the same functions available on the full browser site.

141108 mobile 3

We hope you enjoy using the site on your mobile device.  As always, let us know what you think!